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Hardrockers Football Statistics
85 months ago John R. Luchini posted:
Check out the latest team Defensive Statistics at this link!

Or look at the at
Andrew - Winter08
92 months ago Mark J. Luchini posted:
Photos of Andrew L. at 1 year
95 months ago Mark J. Luchini posted:
I uploaded a small collection of photos of Andrew from the past few months. Gotta love that hair.
Horseshoe Award, Player of the Week, Miner's Sledge.
86 months ago Mark J. Luchini posted:     Our New Home
We close on 8/24 but we thought we'd share some of the photos of our new home.

89 months ago John R. Luchini posted:     Where's Waldo? (Tim and John version...)

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General Route Plan: [A] From Rapid City to [B]Buffalo, WY (near the Big Horn Mountains);
Big Horn WY to [C] Red Lodge MT (nearest town to Beartooth Mountains);
Red Lodge MT to Yellowstone Park; Yellowstone back to Big Horns via [E] Sheridan, WY;
Big Horns back to Rapid City, SD. Then on to Rochester, MN.

90 months ago John R. Luchini posted:     Record Audience at St. Wendelin
Although the school printed 500 programs (200 more than for any other show in recent memory) and recycled programs used at the Friday and Saturday shows, there were still not enough programs for all of the people in the audience for the Sunday matinee show of Jesus Christ Superstar.Director's Notes from the program: "Everyone thought I was joking when I suggested St. Wendelin could produce this show. With each question as to why we couldn't, I was given the answer as to why we should. We were fortunate enough to secure the rights for the production early in the school year, and St. Wendelin is the only high school in Ohio that has been granted the rights to perform the show this spring. We were fortunate that the Jesus Christ Superstar Tour made a one night stop in Toledo where 39 of us were able to see the show. After the performance, cast members set aside an hour exclusively for our group to ask questions and share their experience. The cast visiting with us included Ted Neeley who portrays "Jesus" in the touring show and was the original "Jesus" in the 1973 movie version of the show. Our cast members and I were given many insights and tips based on their experience performing this magical piece.
During our lengthy rehearsal process, it has been nothing short of a blessing from God to be able to experience the message that Christ brought to us through being able to work with and teach these young people how to focus and use their God-given talents in their performance for you tonight. Mr. Neeley, who has now portrayed "Jesus" in this production for over 35 years, told me, “During this journey prayerfully listen to God's small, still voice and allow Him to lead you in this theatrical piece.” I pray that we have. " - Dana Roca-Benoit

More photos in the Album, under Family | Frank | JCSuperstar

92 months ago John R. Luchini posted:     Meeting the cast of Jesus Christ, Superstar!
St. Wendelin Drama Club went to the one-night-only-in-Toledo performance of "Jesus Christ, Superstar!" After the show, the Club was allowed to meet with some of the cast.This group includes the High Priest, Pontius Pilate, Jesus, two guards, and one of the Soul Girls (and dance captain.)

Ted Neeley (who was Jesus in the 1971 movie version of the show, as well as in the touring company) spent 45 minutes visiting with the club members, offering insights and advice to various cast members and posing for photos. Here he is flanked by Jesus and Judas from the St. Wendelin production.

94 months ago Mark J. Luchini posted:     Welcome Grace Ruth Colbry
Grace was born at 3:09 pm on New Year's Eve and weighed in at 7# 15oz and 21" long.

Her arrival was heralded by a last minute cancellation of the Colbry New Year's party. The Colbry's wish everyone a Happy New Year. Dirk, Katy, Mara & Grace

96 months ago John R. Luchini posted:     Hardrockers Defeat Mayville 46-7
The team was lead onto the field by #49 with the Miner's Sledge Hammer, an honor for the hardest hits in the previous week. After two tackles, he broke his helmet during his third tackle with another hard hit in the second quarter. Tim got a replacement helmet for the second half and finished with 9 tackles and 1 forced fumble.

Read the Rapid City Journal Article about the game.

Check out the game statistics from DAKstats, be sure to select the "Overall Defensive Stats" from the drop down box.

96 months ago Mark J. Luchini posted:     SDSM&T over Dakota State
SDSMT Sports Information Director Brad Blume's Article on the Game

The last paragraph of the Madison Daily Leader article states: "SDSM was led on defense by Timothy Luchini, who had 13 tackles and an interception. "

You can read all about it in the text version of the play-by-play

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97 months ago John R. Luchini posted:     Welcome Marcelo Samuel
We just got the news that Marcelo Samuel was born on August 31, 2008. He was born about a month early and weighed only 2.2 kgms, but he is doing fine now.

97 months ago John R. Luchini posted:     Frank Luchini's 2008 Cross Country Season

97 months ago Mark J. Luchini posted:     Geoffrey & Jeffrey Nov 6 - Dec 28
Nan Luchini will be stage managing the Christmas 2008 play at the Performance Network.

The show opens with one of the title characters wrapped in nothing but a Twister mat... and that's only the beginning! Inspired by real-life Ann Arbor couple Charlie Sutherland and Jim Posante, this gleefully over-the-top comedy tells the story of an older gay couple and what happens when one of them finds out he has a daughter... and a granddaughter. Love, commitment and family are central themes as Geoffrey and Jeffrey try to define their relationship after 25 years together. A love letter to those who live life from the heart and find family in the most unexpected places.

Featuring Tom Whalen (Summer in Smoke, The Ride Down Mount Morgan), Paul Hopper (Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, Humble Boy), Laurel Hufano (The Home Team, Boston Marriage, The Day Everything Went Wrong) and Heidi Bennett (A Doll's House). Directed by David Wolber (The White Rose, Necessary Targets, Language Lessons, The Clean House, Exits and Entrances).
Single tickets available September 18, 2008